Make the moment and capture stars

So, I love people. I've always had a love for people, I love meeting new people. I love the night sky with all my heart. I tend to enjoy everything especially the little things in life. I dont waste my time. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. My friends and family come first thats the BOTTOM LINE! I love anime, i love my bands such as Pierce The Veil, A Day To Remember, All Time Low, and My Chemical Romance, I love Adventure Time, and I love making the best of things. My biggest dream is to create a band, and make music that brings people hope. I want to inspire people, like how my bands inspired me. I want to let people know they arent alone. I love music, and I love to make music. :) I love to sing, write, paint, draw, and hang out with my friends. My biggest thing is taking chances, I'll be honest I get scared to take chances, but when the time comes I'll face it and I will take the chance :)

Go ahead ask me a question :)  

No matter how deep the hole gets once you reach the bottom, you have to come back up eventually. And maybe something you never expected will be waiting at the top reaching out to pull you up..

Why did you leave me sad and lonely

It was a grey sky day.

She woke up that morning to a phone call that said

"Im dearly so sorry but your best friend is dead.

He took the gun straight to his head.”

The feelings of sadness started to burn and stir inside.

As the tears came, you saw it all on the outside.

She fell to her knees,

begging God please.

Please bring him back to me.

She yelled why did you do this!

How could you leave!?

I wasnt there to save you, I’m so sorry…

Together we faced the world, but you left me, a sad and lonely..


She looked up to see a monarch butterfly, fly from the window into her room.

It landed on her heart, kissed the pain away.

She realized he didnt leave, but inside he stayed.

In her heart and in the sky.

  • See me and my youth leader/big sister go to buffalo wild wings. Waiter sits us at our table.
  • Waiter: "Would you like a tablet?"
  • Me and Macie: "A what?"
  • Waiter: "A tablet, that you can play on???"
  • Me and Macie: "Ohhhh yes please"
  • Me laughing: "We sounded so stupid"
  • To be honest at first I thought he was talking about a pill, I was like um what the heck and forget you can play with the tablets they have there. Even though they make the food so fast, you have no time to play on them haha!
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HUGE GIVEAWAY TIME!!!!!!Details below.

So I’m doing this giveaway for my followers for CHRISTMAS!

First things first : NONE of the pictures here are mine, they are from the sellers I am buying them off. Everything is being purchased online as it is cheap and affordable for me.

Ok here are the rules.

You MUST be following me (x) as it is a FOLLOWER giveaway afterall, you can’t win otherwise.

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I will not be personally picking a winner, I will be using a random selection method. So don’t be bribing me with kind messages;)

The more you reblog will NOT guarantee you a win, but it WILL help.

I will be choosing the winner at 10pm UK time on the 11th of December 2013, so that gives you over a month from today (2nd November)

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1 Vic Fuentes Crewneck (Designed by yours truly)

1 All Time Fucking Low Crewneck (I designed the crewneck but the logo is not mine)

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1 pair of Bring Me The Horizon Sempiternal Ear Plugs/Gauges of any size. If you don’t wear them, give them to a friend of you can decline them and I will give to the 2nd place winner :)

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Holy crap I hope I get thsi, but I rarely win contest, worth a shot!!! ;D

Jeremy McKinnon

Jeremy McKinnon,

I doubt you will ever see this, but if you do I want you to know that you are my hero. Jeremy when I saw you perform, September 25th 2013 it changed my life. It was the first real concert I really ever been too. I walked in with two of my friends, Pierce The Veil and All Time Low just started the show out great! They were amazing!! But when A Day To Remember came on, I knew that something was going to happen. I took a chance. I had really good seats but I wanted to be on the ground floor, me and my two friends. I was so scared, but we jumped the guard rails, and ran onto the ground floor. I’m so not use to taking chances, but I did! I crowd surfed, and I had the GREATEST night of my life! That night reminded me that I can make good moments happen, take chances, go for what I want, and follow my heart. Jeremy, there is something that really inspires me about you. You give me alot of hope, that no one could ever really give me. I watched a video of you on youtube, you were yelling at this security guard for punching a kid in the face. When I watched that I cried. Im being honest I cried. Especially when you yelled “You dont touch my fucking kids” that was truly amazing. I watch that video and it gives me SO MUCH HOPE, you have no idea! To know that you, and the band care about teens like me, you care!! I never thought that any band would actually care, but no you, A DAY TO REMEMBER do care! I want to say thank you, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! For caring about us, and giving us hope and being there when NO one else was! Jeremy, thank you for being my hero. I hope one day I can say it to you. But I want to be on stage with you, in my own band, and tell the people in the crowd without you I wouldnt have been able to achieve my dreams. I havent achieved them yet, but I know I will. :) With the hope ADTR implanted in me, I can do it! Keep being you, because you truly are a great inspiration and I appreciate you and the band SO MUCH!

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The #HousePartyTour date in Pittsburgh has SOLD OUT!

I FREAKING WENT TO THIS!!!! XD September 25th!!!! Best concert EVER!!! I had the time of my life!! I will remember that night FOREVER!!!


The #HousePartyTour date in Pittsburgh has SOLD OUT!

I FREAKING WENT TO THIS!!!! XD September 25th!!!! Best concert EVER!!! I had the time of my life!! I will remember that night FOREVER!!!

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Detroit on fire #HousePartyTour Photo @elmakias

i love a day to remember :3 SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!


Detroit on fire #HousePartyTour Photo @elmakias

i love a day to remember :3 SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!

Make memories in your heart. <3

I watched this cute High-school movie. The name of the movie slips my mind but the thought it left me with remains in my heart. And when I watched this movie, it reminded me that I wont be a teen forever. That what I have now I need to enjoy. So please I beg you enjoy what you have right now. Enjoy your friends, family, and every stranger you meet. Create memories that will last forever and remain in your heart. Because you wont remain the same of which you are right now. I remember being a freshman and now I’m a junior. I remember coming to school on the first day, and now the school year is almost over. I can’t believe how fast time goes, its a pain to keep up with. But I will make the best of what I have, and I will make mistakes, and I will have good and bad times. Just don’t wait for what you want. For those good days, or that perfect moment. DONT WAIT!! Make it happen! This is your life, take it and make the damn best of it! I know you can do it! I know you can make your life the best. You will face struggles, you will hurt, but you can change those bad moments into good ones. Its all up to you and what you decide to do. Don’t waste your time being upset for days, don’t waste your time being depressed. Cry, scream, do whatever you can to get it out. But DO NOT cut, do drugs, drink, or create violence to get it out. It doesn’t help. Just break a TV, break a piece of wood, not a person. Just take a bat and beat the crap out of your fence, scream. Then tell yourself tomorrow will be a good day. Let it out, then release it. You’ll feel so much better. Because life is to short to waste being depressed. I understand you hurt, trust me I KNOW. I wasted a whole year being depressed, ad doing things wrong. When all I had to do was listen to my parents, break up with the guy, and I could’ve had a great year. I can’t change the past, but I tell you what I can change my future. Don’t let your past determine what you can do, don’t let be a blindfold, and don’t let it hold you back. Take that blindfold off and see the things you can do. YOU ARE CAPABLE OF ANYTHING!!! Just believe in yourself, make the best of everything, and be yourself. If people don’t like you for you. Screw them then, because you are beautiful (handsome) the way you are. If they can’t see that, then they aren’t worth your time. So please I hope you read this with an open heart, because it was meant for you. I love you. I don’t know who you are, but know that this person loves you and cares. That you are loved, and people do care. I believe you can do anything, you are capable of achieving your dreams! So show this world who you are and what you can do! Ill be cheering you on!! When you fall, just get back up and yell “IM RIGHT BACK AT IT AGAIN!!!” :) you can do it!!

So me and my friend Dustin were talking today, and we were talking about how weed makes you think. And Dustin was like “yeah I solved all the world’s problems” and I laughed my butt off!!! :) it was the funniest thing ever to me. And I asked him “well did you solve world war I” *acts like he’s taking a hit* “I’m on it hang on” hahaha! Made my day! :3.       This message was not to encourage smoking and does not prove smoking helps you think or solve problems. I apologize I don’t want anyone getting the wrong message.

I threw up in class today haha. Everyone was taking a test, and I threw up and the teacher looked at me. I looked at her, and I was like “uh I threw up” hahaha!! The whole class definitely looked at me when I said that, what a great Wednesday! :)